Last Three Words
    By Hugo Williamson

    14:00, Mon 19th – Tue 20th June 2023 at New Cellars
    Easter May Week

    ‘Last Three Words’ begins with two characters on stage: One and Two. One has a gun pointed towards Two’s head, and after counting words and syllables, and discussing whether the sun has died, they slowly realise they are both stuck in a play. As Two laments reality, and One believes he’s dead, another character enters the stage: Four, the lighting and sound technician. Four gives One and Two one crucial piece of information: they missed their cue.

    ‘Last Three Words’ is an absurd play, satirising absurdism while, crucially, embracing themes of metatheatre and double act comedy. A three hander, the play is designed to be acted by whoever and wherever and bridges the gap between ‘cast’ and ‘crew’.


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