Ctrl+Alt+Deceit! - Bar Show
By Ariella Gordon

20:00, Sun 16th June 2024 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Easter May Week

The story follows dowdy, kind, trusting, lonely, technologically-naïve Aunt June. Desperate to connect with her niece Andy, June begins to get on Andy’s nerves. Andy suggests that June fill her time instead by finding friendships online. Grandma (the eccentric matriarch of the family) lends June a laptop that she won in a poker game from Knucklehead Joe, a laptop which June discovers only has an “onion” browser installed …

Matters take a strange turn when June unwittingly finds herself on The Dark Web and befriending a low-level drug ring, the members of whom June mistakes for cooking and gardening enthusiasts. June’s new friends offer her a job in their cooking business making special cookies using undisclosed ingredients that are shipped to her, which includes a very unusual recipe ...

Set to an upbeat funk/pop score, the story, at its heart, follows the relationship between Andy and June who share a mother-daughter-like bond. At the beginning of the show, they struggle to communicate; but through the events of June’s online adventures, they reconcile and build their relationship. The story follows three generations of women in a family context and explores the importance of female relationships in this family setting.

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Aunt June
Grandma Anne/PotHead69


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