Faust Shop 2.0
    By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, trans. David Constantine, adapted by Dr. Annja Neumann and Alex Mentzel

    15:00, Sat 16th March 2024 at Cambridge Central Library
    Lent Week 8

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    Faust is not dead, but AI is. A limited-engagement exclusively staged for the Cambridge Festival to be performed at the end of Lent Term on March 16th 2024 between 3-5pm in a public library.

    Faust Shop 2.0 aims to bring AI into the Faust age. Being cured of the knowledge drive Faust strives to be fully immersed in the physical world; Faust longs to connect to humans and explores what it is that only humans can do. Faust Shop 2.0 re-thinks what it means to be human through new experiments with AI. The production explores the liberation potential of emerging technologies.

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