By Miklós László (adapted by E. P. Dowdall)

    19:15, Thu 22nd – Sat 24th February 2024 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Lent Week 5

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    suicide and depression

    "I nearly died for him yesterday. And I’ve never met him. And yet I love him with all my heart"

    Welcome to Hammerschmidt’s, named after a long-time salesman and perfume expert who employs a group of friends (and lovers!) who spend their days selling fragrances and beauty products with much success. All is well until, Hammerschmidt’s countenance begins to change towards his employees, notably George Horvath, his best salesman, the reason for which is a mystery. As George tackles navigating the sudden frostiness from Hammerschmidt, his friction with Amalia Balash intensifies- an ambitious and confident young woman whose assertiveness and natural talent for sales as competition, George sees as a threat to his position Everything is on the line in the perfume shop from secret pen pals to unexpected rendezvouses...

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    Miss Amalia Balash
    Mr George Horvath
    Mr Miklos Hammerschmidt
    Mr Sipos
    Miss Ilona Ritter
    Miss Elizabeth Molnar
    Arpad Novack
    Mr Steven Kadar

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