CADS Panto 2018: Raven, or, How I Stopped Spending And Learned To Love Killing Bears
By Katie Mountford & Ellie Hensher-Smith

19:30, Tue 27th November 2018 - Thu 29th November 2018 at Yusuf Hamied Theatre
Michaelmas Week 8

CADS presents its annual pantomime - this year, how will six Christ's students fare when they are forced to take part in the popular children's TV show Raven? Meanwhile, in a post-bear world, a gang of Wild West fast-shooters battle an unlikely foe.


Ravenne/Barkeep, Stagehand -
Engling/Buccaneer boss -
Muso/Ernest -
Compsci/Amoral Alan -
Economist/Westwood Clint -
Dylan's Compatriotic -
Panto Horse, Classicist -
Panto Horse, Engineer -
Guard/Aide -

Production Team

Executive Producer -
Producer -
Director -
Assistant Director -
Audience Participation Manager -
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