By Jonathan Woolley

    00:00, Fri 5th October – Mon 26th November 2007 at Picturehouse
    Michaelmas Week 0 to Week 8

    Wyrd is a series of amateur film shorts that are being filmed by Trolleydolly Productions in Cambridge over the Michaelmas Term. Each of them explores different aspects of Cambridge life, with fictional stories of students in many situations.

    Dreaming: How real is Cambridge? One student finds out...

    Learning to Crawl: We follow a young, shy fresher and his friends as they go out together for their first Cambridge pub crawl. Everyone gets a conquest.

    A View from the Sofa: Some second years muse on the life and times of their college children. Plans are spun and gossip exchanged.

    Benchmark: A chance encounter between a primary school teacher and a successful Cambridge grad suggests many questions - what really is important in this life?

    One thing is for certain... Cambridge is Wyrd.


    Production Team

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