Eoin McCaul


Eoin McCaul is preparing for

  • Summer and Smoke – Movement Director

    19:30, Tue 17th – Sat 21st October 2023 at ADC Theatre

    “The girl who said 'no' — she doesn't exist anymore, she died last summer — suffocated in smoke from something on fire inside her.”

    In a rural town, in the heat of the summer, Alma Winemiller meets Dr.…

  • Cleansed – Director

    19:30, Fri 1st – Sun 3rd December 2023 at Fitzpatrick Hall

    ‘I will always love you.
    I will never lie to you.
    I will never betray you.
    On my life.’

    What is it to desire? To express desire? To prevent desire? Cleansed engages with these questions and more, media…


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