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We Only Clap on Thursdays! – Writer & Performer

23:00, Fri 24th May 2024 at ADC Theatre

Laugh out loud with Cambridge Footlight and almost-qualified doctor Fatima Eshani for an uproarious one-hour comedy special: a witty, insightful take on her journey to the frontlines.

Having honed her comedic chops as a Cambridge Footlight since 2020, Fatima's deadpan and witty persona promises an unforgettable evening. From navigating the awkwardness of attempting to make friends around dissecting cadavers to mastering the art of bad news delivery to paid actors in Addenbrookes, this show unveils the hidden corners of life in the NHS. 'We Only Clap on Thursdays!' offers an honest, humorous, and unique perspective on the joys, heartbreak, and chaos of the medical world. Join us for an hour of laughter, camaraderie, and a sneak peek into the life of a junior doctor that goes beyond the textbooks and scrubs.

Fatima Eshani is "wonderful to watch" (the Tab), gives a "perfect demonstration of elegant sarcastic humour" (the Tab), and James Acaster once wore a sticker of her face (partially by accident).


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