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  • CU Show Choir: Don't Stop Me Now! - Lead Choreographer

    23:00, Fri 4th December 2020 - Sat 5th December 2020 at ADC Theatre

    Hip hip hooray – it’s Show Choir’s 10th birthday!

    To celebrate, we will be performing some of your favourite Show Choir anthems from across the decade, from absolute classics like Don’t Stop Believin’…

  • UCATT 2021: A Woman of No Importance - Education Officer

    14:30, Wed 1st September 2021 - Thu 30th September 2021 at various venues across China, Korea & Japan

    “Why, you gave yourself to me like a flower, to do anything I liked with. You were the prettiest of playthings.”

    It's 1927. In Lady Hunstaton’s decadent country estate party is in full swing. There is…


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