Hot Cross Men: An Improv Hour
    By Colin Rothwell, Ted Hill and Haydn Jenkins

    23:00, Fri 19th May 2017 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    For one fleeting night, Hot Cross Men are smashing up the ADC stage with some of the loosest, silliest and funniest improvised comedy in Cambridge. These comedy cowboys were fermented in the nourishing womb of the Cambridge Impronauts, before valiantly taming the bucking bronco of student improv with their ever muscular thighs. But after they’d milked every drop of sweet laughter from their audiences, the trinity shattered. Colin went on to act in shows like the Footlights Pantomime and ETG Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Haydn became arguably Footlights vice president. Ted went to London, where he learnt improv from the pros.

    But nothing compared to the satisfying nectar of their friendship, so last term the trio was reborn in the IVF lab of Pembroke Cellars. Now they’re better than ever; ready for the ADC, and certainly ready for you. These boisterous beasts have improv oozing from their every hole, and they’re offering you a taste of the action. They’ve got no narrative, no theme, nothing’s planned, and it’s been an ordeal to make sure Ted performs clothed. They’re red hot, Red Cross, red men redemption. Hot Cross Men.



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