A Servant to Two Masters

    19:45, Tue 28th October 2003 - Sat 1st November 2003 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Set in 18th century Venice, A Servant To Two Masters is a classic tale of love, honour, sun-dried tomatoes, and Truffaldino- a servant trying his best to earn an extra lira. Underpaid and over-stretched, Truffaldino scurries through mishap after mishap as he performs chores for two unwitting masters: Florindo, and his lover, Beatrice, in disguise as her dead brother. As excuses for his mistakes become more fanciful, chaos ensues - mistaken identities, betrothals, duels, near-suicide and a fabulous feast twice-enjoyed occur, before Truffaldino is finally found out. With its colourful array of comic characters, Carlo Goldini´s farce, given a new lease of life by Lee Hall´s recent adaptation, mixes historical Italy and classic 18th century commedia with cockney cheek.


    Silvio/2nd Waiter -
    Pantaloon/Porter -
    Dr Lombardi/1st Waiter -
    Smeraldina -
    Brighella -
    Truffaldino -
    Beatrice -
    Florindo -

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