The Mitre Players presents...

    By Peter Shaffer

    18:45, Tue 27th April 2004 - Sat 1st May 2004 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

    When a teenage bopy is brought to Martin Dysart's psychiatry clinic after
    blindng six horses with a metal spike he expects to find 'just another
    dented little face - the usual unusual'. As Dysart drives deeper towards
    the pasion that motivated Alan's crime his own inward struggle, between
    what convention classes as normality and what he believes is right, rises
    to the surface.


    Martin Dysart -
    Alan Strang -
    Frank Strang -
    Dora Strang -
    Hester Saloman -
    Jill Mason -
    Nurse -
    Dalton -
    Young Horseman/Nugget -

    Production Team

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    Choreographer -
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