Hedda Gabler
    By Henrik Ibsen

    19:30, Tue 27th April – Sat 1st May 2004 at The Octagon, St. Chad's
    Easter Week 1

    Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece is being brought to the Octagon Theatre. This production moves events to the 'roaring 20s' as newly-weds Hedda and George Tesman return home, Hedda begins to understand fully the stifling confinement to which she has condemned herself, and seeks to restore 'beauty' and meaning to her life. The opportunity presents itself in the return to town of an old flame and academic rival of George's, but as events unfold it becomes clear that the mundane and the ridiculous have a habit of suppressing and ruining the truly beautiful. A blackly humourous and subtly powerful piece, 'Hedda Gabler' is one of the most poignant tragedies ever written.


    Hedda Gabler
    Aunt Julle
    Judge Brack
    Mrs. Elvsted

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