Here Kitty
    By Tom Powell

    23:00, Wed 18th February 2004 - Sat 21st February 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    "So I try to tell them about Richard Branson’s evil plans, but he won’t listen, so instead my good-looking boyfriend decides to serenade me with 'When A Man Loves A Woman'. The police block also consisted of a grand piano, which a rather butch-looking policewoman proceeded to play with extreme skill"

    Do you ever lose the connection between reality and imagination? It’s not difficult, given the right catalyst. Become lost in your imagination. But Kitty’s bored with her own imagination, so she takes it upon herself to invade the lives of former school friend James and his womanising flatmate Colin. What unfolds is an exploration of Kitty’s eccentric, often drug-induced, thoughts and their impact on those around her.


    Production Team