Peter Pan
    By JM Barrie

    16:00, Wed 4th – Mon 30th August 2004 at C Venues, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    “In the daytime you think the Neverland is only make-believe…but this is the Neverland come true!”

    In its centenary year, we enchant imaginations young and old with this
    awesome and turbulent flight into Neverland! Laughing, crying and tapping
    your feet, you'll wish the games could last forever...

    Using the essence of games and playing, this production reworks this classic story into something that today’s child can relate to. Set entirely in the Darling nursery, the imaginations of Wendy, John and Michael conjure before our eyes the fantasy world of Peter Pan, his lost boys, pirates, Indians and the legendary Captain Hook. What we see as a coat hanger is in an instant transformed into the most dangerous weapon known to man and an ordinary bunk bed can become a pirate ship.

    The Cambridge run

    The Cambridge run is hosted by Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society. For the Cambridge run, performances are free but donations for Great Ormond Street Hospital are welcomed.

    Booking in advance for the Cambridge run is essential: for a ticket email blf22.


    Three weeks ****

    Children’s games and imagination are at the centre of this stunning production of Barrie’s classic novel. Using toys and bedroom furniture to create both the nursery and the various scenes across Neverland every location is enacted as if part of Wendy’s fantasy, with characters brilliantly created, avoiding the clichés. Tinkerbell is simply a little flashing light and some bells, Captain Hook has a really scary yet beautiful hook and Peter is strewn in both dirt and glitter. I am especially impressed by the girl they have signing the show for some dates, making its loveliness accessible to all. Everything you could ever want from ‘Peter Pan'.


    Peter Pan
    Hook/Mr Darling
    Mrs Darling/Starkey/Wolf/Indian
    1st Twin
    2nd Twin

    Production Team

    Director ,
    Asst. Producer –
    Set Designer
    Costume Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Lighting Designer/Technician –
    Student Signer –