The Merchant of Venice
    By William Shakespeare

    14:00, Mon 14th June 2004 - Fri 18th June 2004 at Old Court, Corpus Christi College
    Easter May Week

    Five acts, four grasping Jews, three thousand ducats, two gay Salads, and one pound of flesh...

    The Fletcher Players is delighted to bring you one of Shakespeare's darkest and best comedies for May Week in the beautiful setting of Old Court, Corpus Christi. Come and find out just why Antonio is so sad, what Shylock wants with a pound of his flesh, and why Jessica feels the need to dress up as a boy. And for a sum considerably less extortionate than three thousand ducats.


    Antonio -
    Salerio/Old Gobbo -
    Solanio -
    Bassanio -
    Gratiano -
    Lorenzo/Prince of Arragon -
    Portia -
    Nerissa -
    Shylock -
    Prince of Morocco/Tubal/Duke of Venice -
    Launcelot Gobbo -
    Leonardo/Balthazar/Stephano/Trains/Gaoler/Attendants - , ,

    Production Team

    Director -
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