Hobsons Choice
    By Harold Bridgehouse

    19:30, Thu 8th December 2005 - Sat 10th December 2005 at Mumford Theatre
    Christmas Vacation

    A story of a shoe shop in lancashire in the 1900's. Hobson runs a small family business but when he says that his daughters are not permitted to get married, his eldest runs away with the man that makes all the boots. He is the best bootmaker in the north and they soon set up shop together. This runs hobsons out of business and mr hobson gets ill. Maggie is asked to come and look after her father in his illness but will only come if her and her husband take over the shop. of course hobson has no choice and has to agree.

    A Tale of cause and consequence, drama and shoes.


    Henry Horatio Hobson -
    Maggie Hobson -
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    Vickey Hobson -
    Willie Mossop -
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    Jim Heeler -
    Mrs Hepworth -
    Ada Figgins -
    Doctor McFarlane -

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