The Ballad of the Poet and the Wolf
    By Gavin Sellar

    20:00, Fri 25th February 2005 - Sat 26th February 2005 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    CADS is proud to present its annual freshers' show after last year's storming success, 'Comic Potential'.

    The year is 1797: the inhabitants of the sleepy East Anglian village of Dangling Wallop have been subject for months now to the attacks of a ferocious, man-eating beast; fear and rumour are rife amongst the townsfolk. The local landowner, Lord Oswald, a judge with an extremely large penal authority, is deeply concerned: the beast's ravages are losing him money, customarily earned from the regional industry of aubergine farming. Meanwhile, his precocious daughter Eugenia is about to gain a brand new tutor, an old friend of her father's, a French poet and libertine by the name of Zafira...


    Narrator, Eugenia Oswald as an old woman -
    Lord Daniel Oswald, landowner and judge -
    Lady Oswald, his wife -
    Eugenia, their daughter -
    Gerald, Lord Oswald's head servant -
    Zadkiel Zafira, libertine and poet -
    Mungo, his son -
    Campbell, a local constable -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Producer -
    Lighting -