The Ballad of the Poet and the Wolf
    By Gavin Sellar

    20:00, Fri 25th – Sat 26th February 2005 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    CADS is proud to present its annual freshers' show after last year's storming success, 'Comic Potential'.

    The year is 1797: the inhabitants of the sleepy East Anglian village of Dangling Wallop have been subject for months now to the attacks of a ferocious, man-eating beast; fear and rumour are rife amongst the townsfolk. The local landowner, Lord Oswald, a judge with an extremely large penal authority, is deeply concerned: the beast's ravages are losing him money, customarily earned from the regional industry of aubergine farming. Meanwhile, his precocious daughter Eugenia is about to gain a brand new tutor, an old friend of her father's, a French poet and libertine by the name of Zafira...


    Narrator, Eugenia Oswald as an old woman
    Lord Daniel Oswald, landowner and judge
    Lady Oswald, his wife
    Eugenia, their daughter
    Gerald, Lord Oswald's head servant
    Zadkiel Zafira, libertine and poet
    Mungo, his son
    Campbell, a local constable

    Production Team

    Lighting –