The Clouds
    By Aristophanes

    16:00, Wed 22nd June 2005 - Fri 24th June 2005 at East Lodge Garden, Downing College
    Easter May Week

    This is a brilliant Ancient Greek comedy, written by the best in Ancient Greek Satire, none other than Mr. Aristophanes. Despite being written almost 2500 years ago, this play remains at the height of humour and will have you laughing out loud.

    Plot Outline: Strepsiades an Athenian, has a son, Pheidippides, who is very keen on horse-racing and has run up large debts. In aim to relieve the debt Strepsiades asks his son to study at Socrates’ Thinkery to learn how to argue himself out of the debts, Pheidippides refuses to go and Strepsiades goes himself. Being utterly confused and ridiculed by Socrates, Strepsiades goes back and forces his son to go to the Thinkery. On arrival they witness to figures having an argument, one is the stronger argument and the other the weaker, the weaker argument is seen to defeat the stronger. Pheidippides agrees to study at the school and learns how to evade the debts, however, he also exposes how the arguments can be used to defeat morals.


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