The Secret Garden
    By Frances Hodgson Burnett

    15:00, Tue 20th June 2006 - Thu 22nd June 2006 at Gardens, Downing College
    Easter May Week

    Adapted from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this is a truly beautiful and moving play adaptation that upholds, in every way, the purity and intent of the author.

    Story Summary: Mary Lennox, a young English girl awakens one morning in colonial India to find her parents and all the house servants dead from a cholera epidemic. She is sent back to England to live with a cold, grieving, and self-preoccupied uncle. In her aloneness she discovers a secret garden and becomes totally possessed of the idea that Colin - the crippled son of her uncle, can walk if he too can share the Magic of the secret garden.


    Mary Lennox -
    Martha -
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    Dickon -
    Mrs. Medlock -
    Archibald Craven -
    Rose Lennox -
    John Lennox -
    Lily Craven -
    Lieutenant -
    Ayah -

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