The Trial
    By Steven Berkoff, adapted from Franz Kafka

    21:15, Thu 3rd – Mon 28th August 2006 at C cubed, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    Joseph K is under arrest. As he struggles to work out what he has been accused of, and why, it emerges that the authorities themselves don’t know. The establishment is answerable to no one; his colleagues at the Bank don’t care about him; the women he meets are cheap; relationships and sex are meaningless. No closer to understanding the situation, Joseph is summoned to court and stands trial.

    Weaving in mime and choral speaking, the actors slide from one character into another; one minute playing Joseph’s crooked laundry woman, or the heavies who come and arrest him, the next forming a chorus which surrounds and oppresses Joseph with their snarling speeches. Engaging in a poignant battle with the endless absurdities of the establishment, Berkoff’s acclaimed adaptation of Kafka’s most celebrated novel promises to be a thrilling theatrical event.


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