Going Postal
    By Terry Pratchett

    20:00, Wed 20th June 2007 - Sat 23rd June 2007 at The Junction Theatre
    Easter May Week

    Moist Von Lipwig is a liar, a thief and Ankh Morpork's last hope for a decent postal service. His only help is a clay golem called Mr. Pump, the elderly junior postman Groat and Stanley the orphan pin fanatic. He must take on the sinister Reacher Gilt and the board of the grand trunk who own a series of semaphore towers across the discworld. With these they can send a message across the disc in a matter of hours. Can Moist succeed where honest men have failed? Oh and getting a date with Adora Belle Dearheart would be good to.


    Moist Von Lipwig -
    Tolliver Groat -
    Stanley -
    Adora Belle Dearheart -
    Mr Pump/Anghammarad -
    Lady Vetinari -
    Drumknott -
    Reacher Gilt -
    Stowley -
    Deaconess of Offler/Nutmeg -
    Greenyham/ Mrs Parker -
    Sacharissa Cripslock -
    Pin Customer/Igor/Stibbons -
    Big Dave/Harry -
    Mr Trooper/Bill -
    Sane Alex -
    Slant/Miss Maccalariat/Mad Al -
    Horsefry/Ridcully/Spools -
    Postman Aggy/Young Mr Parker/Old Mr Parker/Gryle -
    Mr Wilkinson/Devious Collarbone -

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