Hang on Mr Bugson
    By Tom Sharpe

    19:45, Tue 13th – Sat 17th February 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    A NEW PLAY by FOOTLIGHTS President Tom Sharpe.

    After a string of successful comic ventures (FAUST, GROW UP, CIRCUS, OUR DARKER PURPOSE) it's time for something a little more worthy. Funny, sure, but not just funny.

    A spirit makes mad old Peter find some imaginary people, seemingly just so they can be slaughtered. Despite protesting its pointlessness, he finds it hard to stop himself complying. Skewed versions of old friends and relatives are summoned, all proving to be highly troublesome house guests. Things get totally out of hand, but we don't know which bits are genuine memories from real life, which Peter has changed in his mind for comfort and which have changed, of their own accord, to become far worse.


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