Sexual Perversity in Chicago
    By David Mamet

    21:30, Tue 27th February 2007 - Sat 3rd March 2007 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 6

    "The main thing about broads is two things. One: The Way to Get Laid is to Treat 'Em Like Shit, and Two: Nothing, nothing makes you so attractive to the opposite sex as getting your rocks off on a regular basis."

    Welcome to the world of the modern relationship, where sex is a commodity and love is just a word. Sexual hostility crackles through every scene of Mamet's dissection of human interaction in its various states of love, lust and dissatisfaction. An hour long, this is a play to make you cringe in your seat and cry with laughter, this is an unforgettable portrayal of sex and friendship, and what it really means to say "I love you"...


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