Fewer Emergencies
    By Martin Crimp

    21:30, Tue 20th – Sat 24th May 2008 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 4

    "Things are improving - less rocks are thrown - less cars completely overturned - less shots fired - there are fewer emergencies than there used to be - but all the same, there's an emergency on right now."

    A group of people sit telling stories. Who are these storytellers? Actors improvising? Executives at a script conference? It is never clear if the storylines they are narrating are real events or simply imagined, events being roughed out for an unknown purpose. Crimp presents a world where happiness is sacrificed for a nice handmade table, truth for easy lies and we lock our children up when the real horror is really within. This is not an imagined world but our world today, where we are all content in our ignorance of a lifestyle threatened by violence and unspecified ‘emergencies’.


    Production Team

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