New Cambridge Theatre Company presents...

    Stoning Mary
    By Debbie Tucker Green

    19:30, Fri 10th October 2008 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Michaelmas Week 0

    One-off performance of the award-nominated production fresh from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe '08. Olivier Award-winning writer Debbie Tucker Green's Stoning Mary weaves together three eerily familiar storylines; sandwiched between adverts in our newspapers, lost amongst celebrities on our television screens, these are the lives of the voiceless, their stories too long unheeded and unheard. With bristling urgency, Green gives utterance to these vital stories and events jerk vividly to life, rendered fresh, immediate and incisive in this startling and thought-provoking play. Bursting onto the stage with raw energy, ringing with Green’s stark, percussive poetry, and gripping the audience with witty characters and fast-paced narrative, this is a show not to be missed!

    "full of sharp observations about a violent and uncaring world" - Times "a linguistic gift" - Michael Billington, Guardian


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