The Cement Garden
    By Ian McEwan

    19:45, Thu 6th March 2008 - Sun 9th March 2008 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 7 to Week 8

    “ I did not kill my father, but sometimes I felt I had helped him on his way. And but for the fact that his death coincided with a landmark in my own physical growth, his death seemed insignificant compared with what followed. He was a frail, irascible, obsessive man with yellowish hands and face. I am only including the little story of his death to explain how my sisters and I came to have such a large quantity of cement at our disposal.”

    In the relentless summer heat, four abruptly orphaned children retreat into a shadowy, isolated world, and find their own strange and unsettling ways of fending for themselves. McEwan’s first novel is a excellent and honest portrayal of childhood, adulthood and sexuality. His narrative veers from the real to the surreal and is always unforgettably subjective. FallOut aims to create a theatre adaptation that does not simply reproduce the novel in a new medium, but to create a response to the work, finding the possibilities inherent in the literature that can be unlocked by the workings of the stage.


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