By William Henry Ireland

    22:30, Wed 19th November 2008 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Constantius, the ageing king of Britain, decides to entrust half of his realm to Vortigern. He accepts, but soon falls prey to his ambition, orchestrating the murder of Constantius and seizing the crown. When Vortigern is forced to London to take his last stand, the fate of Dark Age Britain is sealed.

    Battles, discarded wives, dastardly murder, scheming warlords and sultry seduction abound in this “lost work” of the Bard, written fraudulently by William Henry Ireland in 1796. The play was inspired by the eighteenth century obsession with Shakespeare, but both play and author have lain in relative obscurity ever since.

    Join the Pembroke Players for a one-night stand in the New Cellars on November the 19th, possibly this play’s first performance for over two hundred years, and enjoy an evening of treachery and greed in Mediaeval Britain.


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