Caucasian Chalk Circle
    By Bertolt Brecht

    19:45, Tue 17th November 2009 - Sat 21st November 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    All hell has broken loose in the Abashvili mansion, whose Governor has been beheaded by the Fat Prince during civil war. Natella, the Lady of the house, is far too concerned with the contents of her suitcase to notice that her baby is not amongst her escape party. Grusha, a young servant girl, rescues the child - though the further she travels with the boy the more she feels for him. Grusha finds herself playing a dangerous game of hide and seek with the law, but are her actions ceasing to be what is best for him and instead motivated by selfishness? When Natella reclaims her child it is Azdak who is to resolve the dispute between the mother and Grusha, calling on the ancient tradition of the chalk circle to resolve the dispute. Who wins? A morality masterpiece, The Caucasian Chalk Circle typifies Brecht's pioneering theatrical techniques. Heavily censored in McCarthyist America due to its communist overtones, this modern classic epitomises Brecht’s vivid and amusing characterisation in a piece of truly unrivalled storytelling.

    CUADC Freshers' mainshow 2009.


    The Governor/Ironshirt/Yussup/Old Man Couple/Chorus -
    Grusha -
    Simon/The Monk/Ludovica/Ironshirt/ Chorus -
    Fat Prince/Mother-in-Law/Chorus -
    The chef/ Corporal and rider -
    Nurse/ Lawyer 2/Merchant Woman -
    Doctor 1/Lawyer 1/The Servant/Shauva/Chorus -
    Adjutant/Lavrenti/Peasant/Inkeeper/Old woman Couple/ Ironshirt -
    Governor\'s Wife/First Man/Nephew/Ironshirt -
    The Singer -
    Young Woman/Younger Lady/Sister-in-Law/ Doctor 2/ Chorus -
    Elder Lady/The Peasant Woman/Cook (Law court)/Chorus -

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