Chronicle of a Death Foretold
    By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    19:45, Wed 10th – Fri 12th June 2009 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Easter Week 7

    In a sleepy town, the intricate and personal stories of Santiago Nasar,
    Angela and Bayardo unfold - in arms length of the audience. Angela is
    returned to her family home the night of her wedding to Bayardo San Roman,
    when he discovers that she is not a virgin. Her brother is forced by the
    code of honour to kill the violator. Santiago Nasar wakes up the next morning,
    unaware of his fate. Very soon, the whole town learns of the murderous plot
    against him.

    The Judith E. Wilson Studio will be transformed into a small town, thrusting
    the audience and the actors into the same dramatic space. The audience will
    be granted a mask of invisibility, allowing them to wander around the studio
    and intimately observe the characters, piecing the plot together without being


    Production Team