Historical Fiction
    By Jennifer Boon

    19:30, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th March 2009 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    In the history of great men, where do the mediocre fit in?

    Professor Thomson is, in her own words, “feckless and posh, but really rather clever.” However, despite her boundless self-confidence the invention of a time machine in her lab does come as something of a surprise. Her delicate equilibrium is further disrupted by the arrival of some angry historians closely followed by the political establishment. Fortunately two ambitious young journalists are at hand to make sure the fiasco is recorded for posterity.

    Will the history of humanity be irrevocably altered? Will the space-time continuum be destroyed? But most importantly will Professor Thomson’s vintage wine smuggling project prove profitable?


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