Private Lives
    By Noel Coward

    14:30, Tue 9th – Thu 11th June 2009 at Trinity College Fellows' Garden
    Easter Week 7

    Private Lives is a 1930 comedy of manners by Noël Coward. It focuses on a divorced couple who discover that they are honeymooning with their new spouses in the same hotel. A bubbly and riveting piece, it will be performed in the prestigious Fellows' gardens of Trinity College.

    This production will mark the launch of the Noël Coward Society in Cambridge. It has been published in the Noel Coward newsletter, and will be a prestigious event, to which guests and society members will be invited.

    A cabaret and drinks reception will take place after the final performance on 11th June, where drinks will be served and Coward's songs performed by some of Cambridge's finest talent. This will take place at 5pm. Tickets cost £3.



    Production Team

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    Stage Manager
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