CHEESE-BADGER (and other stories)
    By Frank Paul and Tom Ovens

    23:00, Tue 19th January 2010 at ADC Theatre
    17:00, Sat 23rd January 2010 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    The comedy show named by The Scotsman as having the second silliest title at the Edinburgh Fringe (controversially beaten only by Chomp: A Zombie Musical) galumphs in triumphal fashion raucously back onto a stage! For two nights only at the ADC, don't miss two lanky bespectacled men in black tie pretending to be hippopotamus impersonators, leg thieves and earwig fanciers. Watch and be intrigued as over the course of fifty minutes of sketches, monologues, poems and songs they gradually reveal the astonishing life and extraordinary times of the mysterious and probably non-existent master spy, Sir Henry Cheese-Badger! Scrumptious! Thundering! Walrus! Princely! What do these words have in common (except walrus)? They all describe CHEESE-BADGER (and other stories), the sketch show that towers above Cambridge like some sort of humorous Godzilla.


    Production Team

    Stage Manager
    Lighting Designer