Scientifically Minded
    By Oriza Hirata, translated by Hiroko Matsuda

    19:30, Mon 15th November 2010 - Fri 19th November 2010 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 6

    A table, some chairs, and some lockers... Watch as you are drawn into the hyper-realistic setting of The Scientifically Minded. In this student's hangout, a group of under- and post-graduates discuss their lives, their loves and their futures as we are afforded a tantalising glimpse into their complex lives. Through their everyday, nonsensical conversations, we see moral and scientific issues taking root in the hearts of the students undertaking this research, as topics such as genetic manipulation and animal testing arise.

    This translation of Oriza Hirata's acclaimed play is a modern theatre experience that brings the audience into its starkly realistic world, blurring the boundaries between the stage and actuality. And as these students discuss their everyday situations and the problems of their work, they tackle fundamental ideas of what it means to live, from both a scientific and an immensely personal perspective.


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