And Then There Were None
    By Agatha Christie

    14:00, Tue 21st – Thu 23rd June 2011 at Gonville and Caius Old Courts
    Easter May Week

    ‘Ten little soldier boys, went out to dine One choked his little self, and then there were nine…’

    Ten guests are invited to a lonely house on a remote island. On arrival, they discover an eerie nursery rhyme and ten little toy soldiers, ready to be knocked over… On their first night, each of the guests is accused of being a murderer who has escaped justice. It becomes increasingly clear that they have been gathered under false pretences and with sinister intent. They soon realize that they are unable to escape. As the net tightens, everybody begins to question innocent appearances.

    One by one, the ten are murdered, their deaths strangely echoing the children’s nursery rhyme. One by one, the toy soldiers disappear. The tension grows as they realize the killer must be amongst their numbers. When everybody is a suspect, will they discover the killer in time?


    Captain Lombard
    Sir Lawrence Wargrave
    Vera Claythorne
    Dr. Amstrong
    William Blore
    General Mackenzie
    Emily Brent
    Anthony Marston
    Mrs Rogers

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