L.S Productions presents...

    By Ryan O'Sullivan

    23:00, Wed 19th – Sat 22nd October 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    BROODY - a brand new sketch comedy show.

    Week 2.

    ADC Lateshow.

    Ladies and gentleman! Are you sitting comfortably? You are? Yes. Yes… of course you are. You’ve all been sitting comfortably for far too long. Look at you, in those lovely comfortable seats of yours. Look at yourselves. Look at your faces. If you can’t manage that then look at the face of someone next to you. See what I mean? Horrible isn’t it? Really rather horrid… like… umm… prunes.

    Last night after my dinner cereal (Special K), gazing into the mirror positioned on the ceiling above my bed, I looked into my old, old (old, old) eyes… and (as I stared into the abyss (which was my own soul)) I realised that I was feeling really rather broody. I really really wanted to have a baby. The Special K (2 bowls-a-day) challenge just wasn’t enough for me anymore…

    Theodore Chester and Ryan O’Sullivan, frequent writer/performers in Footlights Smokers bring you BROODY, a brand new (dark and moody) sketch comedy (show).


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