The Physicists
    By Friedrich Dürrenmatt

    19:30, Tue 8th March 2011 - Sat 12th March 2011 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Lent Week 7

    The world's greatest physicist, Johann Wilhelm Mobius, is in a madhouse, haunted by recurring visions of King Solomon. He is kept company by two other equally deluded scientists: one who thinks he is Einstein, another who believes he is Newton. It soon becomes evident, however, that these three are not as harmlessly lunatic as they appear. Are they, in fact, really mad? Or are they playing some murderous game, with the world as the stake? For Mobius has uncovered the mystery of the universe--and therefore the key to its destruction--and Einstein and Newton are vying for this secret that would enable them to rule the earth.


    Johann Wilhem Möbius -
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    Adolf-Friedrich -
    Wilfried-Kaspar -
    Jörg-Lukas -
    Uwe Sievers -

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