By Albert Camus

    16:30, Wed 20th June 2012 - Sat 23rd June 2012 at Cloister Court, Queens' College
    Easter May Week

    'Well, all Rome sees Caligula everywhere. And Caligula, in reality, only sees his idea.'

    BATS is proud to present their May Week show, Camus' 'Caligula', a play full of philosophy, madness, cross-dressing, and plenty of blood. When the Emperor returns to the city, mourning the death of his beloved sister, his senators are concerned he is not fit to rule. He demands to own the moon; he begins arbitrary executions; he dances before them in the guise of Venus. But how mad is Caligula really? And how long will they allow his cruelty to reign?


    Caligula -
    Caesonia -
    Helicon -
    Mucius -
    Mucius' Wife -
    Metellus -
    Octavius -
    Cassius -
    Octavius (Friday performance) -

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