If You Please
    By Breton & Soupault

    23:00, Thu 22nd – Sat 24th November 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "If You Please" is a French Dada-Surrealist play and is completely different from any play you will have previously acted in or come across. Written by Breton and Soupault, two titans of the surrealist movement, and first performed in 1920, If You Please takes hackneyed and clichéd plots and transforms them into thrilling and marvellous absurdity. It is the ADC week 7 late show and has a large cast with a good mix of male and female characters. This play promises to be an entertaining but testing project for everyone from beginners to the most experienced actors.


    Paul Inspector
    Francois The Man Waiter
    Servant Hirsch Card Player 1
    Lefebvre Card Player 2
    The Lady
    The Young Man Maxime

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Lighting and Sound –
    Stage Manager ,