Indelible Acts
    By Tom Powell, Jack Gamble, Stephen Bermingham

    21:30, Tue 6th November 2012 - Sat 10th November 2012 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 5

    INDELIBLE ACTS is three short plays by Tom Powell, Jack Gamble and Stephen Bermingham.

    A pair of tired traders unravel in a desolate bar. / 3.47 AM. Twitching hour. Three mellow revellers are being followed back from an unspeakable party. / You’re told not to speak ill of the dead, but some acts are far worse.

    Previous work: ‘One to watch’ (Varsity), ‘Funny and fascinating’ (TCS), ‘Truly great’ (CTR), Winner (National Radio Drama Award). See


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