Machine of Death
    By Wells, Danner, Quinlan, North, Croshaw

    21:30, Tue 7th – Sat 11th February 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 3

    The machine can predict, with complete accuracy, how you are going to die. It gives no date, no specifics, only a slip of paper upon which are printed the words DROWNED or HEART ATTACK or CHOKED ON A PRETZEL. Machine of Death presents a world in which everyone knows how they will die. The stories based around this idea are morbidly interesting, but often amusing and thought-provoking as well.

    Sid loathes Norma’s endless party games, but how far will he go to sabotage them when a machine of death gets involved? Can Dunmere be elected prime minister despite his embarrassing demise? And how will Simon cope, knowing he's going to be torn apart and devoured by lions? Join us to find out the answers to these questions, and more, in Week 3 at the Corpus Playroom.