Orpheus in the Underworld
    By Jacques Offenbach

    14:00, Wed 20th June 2012 - Fri 22nd June 2012 at Murray Edwards college grounds
    Easter May Week

    Eurydice is married to Orpheus, a musician who, in her opinion, plays the violin badly. Fed up with her husband, she falls for the randy and devious Pluto and is soon caught up in a somewhat hellish situation. Meanwhile, bored to tears and spying an interesting situation unfolding, Public Opinion muscles in to ‘help’ Orpheus rescue his wife. But does she want to be rescued? Offenbach’s catchy tunes and wicked sense of humour, all culminating in his riotous ‘Cancan’, take the characters from one ridiculous situation to another!

    'Orpheus in the Underworld' will be performed as the finale of Murray Edwards May Week Arts festival, on the grounds of the college.


    Orpheus -
    Calliope -
    Pluto -
    Bacchus -
    Mercury -
    Euridice -
    John Styx -
    Chorus -

    Production Team

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