The Macedonian Tragedy
    By Thomas Moodie

    19:30, Tue 13th November 2012 - Sat 17th November 2012 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Michaelmas Week 6

    "Philip II has a new wife. And a new lover. But with jealous exes vowing revenge, allies conspiring against him, and his son - Alexander the Great - plotting to seize power, he won't stay happy long...

    Blood, fire, sex, rhetoric and revenge; this monstrous creation will be unlike anything you've ever seen on a Cambridge stage."


    Phillip -
    Leonnatus -
    Hephaestion/Crypt Keeper -
    Attalus -
    Parmenion -
    Elder Pausanius -
    Younger Pausanius -
    Cleopatra -
    Hiromenes -
    Olympias -

    Production Team