Saint John's College Music Society presents...

    By Joshua Borin

    20:30, Tue 22nd January 2013 - Wed 23rd January 2013 at The Divinity School (opposite St John's college)
    Lent Week 1

    CAIN is a new chamber opera set at the dawn of man. Cain and Abel, the first brothers, become the first murderer and first victim as Cain wrestles with emotions that prove too strong for him.

    With a phenomenal student cast and orchestra and fully staged in St John’s Divinity School, CAIN promises to be one of the highlights of the operatic and contemporary music year at Cambridge.



    Narrator/God -


    Flute/Piccolo -
    Oboe/Cor Anglais -
    Clarinet -
    Bassoon -
    Horn -
    Trumpet -
    Percussion -
    Violin -
    Cello -
    Double Bass -

    Production Team

    Composer/Producer -
    Director -
    Musical Director -
    Makeup artist -
    Lighting designer -