Carpet Diem: A Stand-Up Show
    By Siân Docksey, Zoë Tomalin

    23:00, Thu 16th May 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    Seize the day! Seize the carpet! Wait, that’s not right – this is a standup show, not a fun on the floor free-for-all - Get up! Continue seizing the day!

    Siân Docksey and Zoë Tomalin bring their genre-defying comedy show to the ADC for one night of unparalleled linoleum fun. Brilliant, bewildering and grit-resistant – an explosive (con)fusion of standup, poetry, music, special guests, lighting and jam. Described as 'hugely funny' (Varsity), 'genuinely hilarious' (The Tab) and 'funnier than they had any right to be' (The Cambridge Student), spruce up the shag piles and roll out the rugs for a fearless comedy romp.

    Coming soon, to a carpet near you. Assuming you’re close to the front. If not, something’s gone very wrong. Err, that’s not your carpet. You should probably leave, swiftly.

    All proceeds going to Flack, Cambridge


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