By Bethan Kitchen

    21:30, Tue 5th February 2013 - Sat 9th February 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 3

    Paris. 1944. Winter. Coco Chanel meets Spatz, her Nazi lover, for the last time.

    In this room the only war is between two lovers and the rest of the world. But as Coco and Spatz fight to save their relationship they discover a new hidden enemy in love itself. As time slows down and hastens, and the outside world works its way in, the two become so out of sync with one another that they must question how strong their love really is.

    To be together, both must escape from time and the reputations that keep them alive. But in the war of love against time, who is victorious?

    A lyrical new play comes to the Corpus Playroom for its debut.


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