By Daniel Henry Kaes, David Ferris

    15:50, Thu 1st August 2013 - Mon 26th August 2013 at C too main house, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    After returning from fighting the Protestant Dutch, a group of disaffected Catholics decide a certain Guido Fawkes is exactly the man they need to spearhead their revolution against the new King. He eventually succumbs to their pleas, and must battle 'destiny' and his own conscience to convince himself to carry out what would be one of the greatest acts of terrorism the world has ever seen. The rest, as they say, is history... After a fantastic run in 2012 as the ADC Mayweek lateshow, this “Impressive…ridiculous…really, really fun” production (Cambridge Tab) is heading to the Fringe!

    The show represents an exciting opportunity to showcase original writing from Cambridge students in a musical comedy (emphasis on the comedy and on the music!), which brings to life events and characters from a notorious era in English history. The events are sure to appeal to anybody with a sense of history and the writing to anyone with a sense of humour. With one individual caught up in grand schemes and grander themes such as revolution, existentialism and love, we see what could drive one such individual to an act of terrorism.

    From the composer of the critically acclaimed Bereavement: The Musical and Footlights' Panto Treasure Island, and writer Daniel Henry Kaes (Footlights' Smokers and Harry Porter 2012 nominee) comes a brand new comedy musical that will make you "remember remember" like never before.


    Elizabeth -
    Priest, Ensemble -
    King James I, Ensemble -
    Robert Catesby, Lord Knyvet -
    John Wright, Lord Monteagle -
    Thomas Percy, Ensemble -
    Guido -

    Production Team

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    Director -
    Consultant Director -
    LX & Sound Design -
    Assistant Producer -
    Book, lyrics -
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