Merrily We Roll Along
    By Sondheim

    19:30, Sat 26th – Sun 27th January 2013 at The Mumford Theatre
    Lent Week 1 to Week 2

    Merrily We Roll Along is a musical about friendship. Beginning in 1976, it moves backwards in time, tracing the stories of three friends – a composer, a lyricist and a novelist – via snapshots of the events which made them who they are. For each fork in the road we see the consequences before the choice, the fruit before the tree. Through some of Sondheim’s most poignant and witty songs, we see how idealism and naivety can give way to cynicism and isolation, how old friends can fade, and how growing up isn’t necessarily such a wise thing to do.

    Back by popular demand, Sondheim's Tony-Award-winning masterpiece Merrily We Roll Along performs at the Mumford Theatre Cambridge for two nights only.

    5/5 "This show is astonishing...the stage fizzles with energy. Has in spades all the elements that make great musical theatre." – The Cambridge Tab

    5/5 "The best production currently in Cambridge" – The Cambridge Student


    Franklin Sheppard
    Mary Flynn
    Charley Kringas
    Joe Josephson
    Beth Spencer


    Trumpet 1 –
    Reed 4 –
    Trumpet 3 –
    Trumpet 2 –
    Keyboard 2 –
    Trombone –
    Drums –
    Keyboard 1 –
    Reed 1/3 –
    Reed 2 –
    Bass flute –

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Assistant Musical Director
    Deputy Stage Manager
    Sound Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Technical Director
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