At Sixes and Sevens
    By Lewis Wade

    20:00, Fri 7th November 2014 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Arthur seems to be a well-meaning, attentive husband. Miryanna is his wife, slowly coming to realise the truth about her husband's dealings, comes to realise the true purpose of her existence in Arthur's eyes. At Sixes and Sevens is a devastating exploration of a failed drive for individuality, subverting all idealistic considerations of the human condition.

    This performance is part of the ADC's Papercuts series. Papercuts is produced in the Larkum Studio at the ADC Theatre, and is intended to let the writer see their work given a voice.

    Come along, grab a drink from the bar, and watch new theatre in its purest form.


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