Curlew River
    By Music by Benjamin Britten, libretto by William Plomer

    20:00, Fri 7th – Sat 8th February 2014 at Trinity College Chapel
    Lent Week 3

    "Go your way in peace, mother. The dead shall rise again, And in that blessed day, We shall meet in heav'n"

    The Madwoman is desperately looking for her child and has reached the Curlew River. Crossing the river amongst pilgrims on their way to a shrine, travellers and the ferryman, the Madwoman is brought to realise the fate of her child.

    Benjamin Britten's church parable 'Curlew River' will be performed this Lent Term in Trinity Chapel, a venue fitting for Britten's beautiful music. An adaptation of a Japanese noh play, this production will stage the opera according to the principles of noh theatre - facial actions, movements and gestures controlled by a formal rigour to give a great visual artistry. Only the Madwoman is free from this style of theatre and the so a clash between Eastern and Western styles, so apparent in the music, will be dramatised.



    Flute –
    Viola –
    Double Bass –
    Harp –
    Percussion –
    Chamber Organ –

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Assistant Director
    Associate Producer –
    Set Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Assistant Musical Director